Kitchen Kit for Blind Children

Concept Project - 2011

We created this blind children kitchen kit after discovering a lack of choices for entertaining differently those kids. Moreover, we had the intention to provide some cheer to the parents.


Cooking is an incredible creative process. In fact it is the perfect field to help the child for his autonomy and develop his 5 senses. In particular, it is even more for the disabled kids. At the start of the project, Lucille met with blind children in a specialized school. To address their needs, she exchanged and shared knowledge with mothers, associations and experts.


Today most of the kitchen utensils aren’t adapted to blind children. So it seemed evident to create this blind children kitchen kit. For this reason, we centered our ideas around the child imagination to freely play.


In addition, we thought about alternatives solutions for moving away from the traditional tools to bring them some fun. Every design details of the kit (visual indications e.g.) corresponds to a function or specific action to let the kids get their bearings.


Thanks to the two distinct and contrasting colors of the utensils, the visually impaired children can better understand and use the objects. Those basic tools offer a fun and new way of cooking allowing the kids to express themselves. Those extensions in their hands empower them to become heroes !