Rockrider Moutain Bike Concepts

B'twin, Decathlon - 2008

The 8XC and 9XC, the XTRA CONCEPTS, are racing mountain bike concepts. In a word, we created those tow studies for the brand Rockrider,  Decathlon – B’twin.


The original intention was to design two bikes with the most identical silhouettes thanks to a common base, but with different configurations. For this reason we have the « hard tail » model and the « full suspension » model.  Each offers completely different characters of operating.


From a stylistic point of view, these two mountain bike concepts show the revival of the high range mountain bikes. So they are sharp, lively, dynamic. Ready to face each new challenge!

From a technical point of view, the common base enables a significant reduction in production costs.


About the prototypes of the bikes, they are size one and they were made by powder sintering technology.


Official website : B’TWIN MOUNTAIN BIKES