Evolutive and Nomadic furniture

Joli Buro - 2017

Joli Buro is an evolutive and nomadic furniture. Adapted to all kind of working spaces, our furniture allows to the different users to change their working habits.


Like thousand of users, we’ve been confronted to the unique working position as well : sitting for hours front of a computer. During our researches on the subject, we discovered – stunned ! – that sitting during hours and hours is really bad for the health. So it was unthinkable to not find a relevant solution to this major issue.


It’s important to change position all day long to stay active. For this reason, Joli Buro has been designed to standing up but also siting down.


Our minimalist approach in the conception offers a refine product. Light and compact, you can’t bring it everywhere : to work at home, at the office, at a coworking places, …


Furthermore, it is an homage to the satchels of bygone days and to the architect drawing tables.


Website : www.joliburo.com
Facebook page: joliburo
Images : Léo Seyers