Wooden Sunglasses

Dominique Fleurquin, entrepreneur - 2011
Collaboration with Perrine Desmons, Davoud Ohadi and Flavien Saniard

We developed wooden sunglasses with the desire to stand out from conventional metal or plastic glasses. Therefore, the wood is the main component the range of sun eyewear, uniquely solicits our senses.


The frame concept combines beauty of wood with the modularity of the metal structure. For this reason, it is easy to fit any type of glass on the frame by an optician. Besides with wood, a living material that deforms and changes over time, the operation could not be done so easily. We choose the combination of both materials retaining the best features of each.


From there, we conducted numerous tests and models to validate the ergonomics and form of each pair. We selected wood species for the wooden sunglasses not only for their feature, but also their visual qualities and their European origins.