Micro Pressure Cooker

Tupperware - 2013

The Micro Pressure cooker is an innovative and revolutionary product. This one is allowing pressure cooking in the micro-waves oven !


We designed it in taking account the pressure cooker archetypes: welcoming shape, generous handles, recognizable locking device. All the functions have been foreseen to be manipulated with oven gloves. In other words, this means the opening, the closing, the locking and the serving.


Thanks to pictograms, the assembly and the locking operations are intuitive. In the same way, we bought attention to each detail. For example, the diameter of the valves are the same for interchangeability. Also, we can mentioned the “dumb-proof” positioning of cover, the protective cavity for avoiding burns and among other things the visual and sound safety indications. 


This Tupperware project was a challenge to combine an attractive look (elegant lines, good ergonomics, usage…) with the technical constraints (material limitation, injection & molding, costs, microwave oven size, safety, …). Moreover those constrains gradually evolved throughout the development of the project. 


The incredible Micro Pressure Cooker adventure has under its belt more than twentyish prototypes and hundreds of destroyed samples. But don’t forget the hours and hours of cooking tests!


To conclude, this was a real collaborative work between the project team, the factory, the economists, the labs and the quality service to mention only the main ones. 


Official product link : TUPPERWARE FAST COOKER