OptiFuel 2025

Renault Trucks - 2009

The Renault Trucks OPTIFUEL 2025 for  is a medium-term vision of tomorrow trucks. In deed, facing the continuous changing transport standards, the manufacturers like Renault Trucks have to imagine scenarios of the future.   


This truck concept, Renault Trucks OPTIFUEL 2025, is one of these hypothesis. Based on the idea of two trucks « connected » together in back to back an thus, they are behaving like a high-speed trains. In this way,  its electrical powered trains is combining  their energies on the main highways.

Therefore by working in synergy, the process allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. So all of this thanks to the addition of hybrid technologies and an appropriate aerodynamics. At the needed moment the two trucks separate themselves to deliver their cargo to their own respective final destination.