Tea Infuser

Mastrad - 2009

The tea infuser was initially based on the idea of creating an utensil to sprinkle ingredients. In fact we developed it for decorating with precision on culinary preparations especially for the Mastrad Cake Stencil previously designed by Lucille in her early days. However, it turned out that the infuser function was just as relevant.


Depending on the use, the side with the mesh allows the infusion or the sprinkling of the content. The other side, in soft silicone, is squeezable to release every drop of tea. Thanks to its flat surface on the bottom, the infuser does not drip when laid on the table. In the sprinkling function, this closed side welcomes the decorative ingredients. Then the user can add cocoa or cinnamon for exemple, and keep them safely before sprinkling.


After the first prototypes, it was obvious that we have to improve the ergonomics of the handle. For this reason, we added elements on the handle to facilitate the grip and the opening of the tea infuser.


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