Illustrated Book - Kid Eco Bottles

Tupperware - 2017

As you can imagine, the Tupperware Kid Eco Bottles are a huge success. That’s why Tupperware asked us to create an illustrated book based on the cute characters of their bottles to promote the new coming shapes. Also the cartoon had to be readable by every Tupperware markets. For this reason, we had to make the illustrations understandable without any texts.


In the first place, we wrote different possible stories. After selecting the most appropriate and coolest one, we put words into visual. Then we redraw our sketches on computer and to finish we added colors.


Not to mention the numerous exchanges, theĀ Tupperware team and ourselves improved the illustrated book and make the best out of it. Moreover, a renowned kid story publisher reviewed and approved it. Surely this was important to be sure no mistakes or no wrong messages have been given.


In detail, the book contains 34 pages and is in A5 format.