Visual Identity

Health & Nutrition Workshop - 2015

We worked on the realization of visual identity of a conference-workshop organized by a naturopath therapist and a local gathering. The thematic of this event was about heath and nutrition. During the talk, the speaker called people beliefs about food into question : what is really good for us?


We designed for them and with them the template of the presentation. Thanks to the graphic elements and pictograms we made, the speaker had the possibilities to explain body biological mechanism simply as a pie. We collaborated closely to make the speech as flowy as possible with the visual medium. For this reason, we made understandable all the technical and scientific informations.


Also, he broached the latest discovering of sciences not forgetting to mention as well the evolution of human population. For that we transformed all datas they collected into “attractive” graphics to share digest informations.


Additionally, we took care of the communication medium including the posters and the flyers.